Space Prison.

Who are you? Why are you here? And… How to survive? In this game, as in my other projects, you will have to choose how you will behave, each action will affect the consequences. Now the game is in English and you, dear player, can enjoy it. Become the head of a gang, create your own, become a slave, or be the one that everyone will be afraid of? Show me what people are really made of… Well, not literally, of course.

The game will explain everything in detail, so I will not waste your time, download and play! I will be actively engaged in updates if you also actively support me on PATREON. There you will have the opportunity to influence the characters, improve, add new scenes by voting. From there, you will also learn the latest news. I also have a page on devianart. This is the first version and only it will be free.

As in any other game, everything will depend on your actions. You will Wake up on a ship called «Cross» and you will have to adapt to what is happening around, choose a gang or bring terror to everyone around. However, is it better to accept the rules and obey them?

  In the game, each character has hidden characteristics, and each action will somehow affect something in the future. To help the character remember the past, make sure that she remembers her real name, can read what others can’t, keep an eye on the little things, look for clues! 

 The easiest way to complete the game is to obey someone, but you can’t be with everyone at once. Someone will be jealous of you, someone will consider the heroine a whore and will not want to have anything to do… You can choose. 

  If you want to remain strong and respected, then don’t let others get in the way of you, but don’t forget that you can’t live without pills.

Password: 20354

The ship «Cross» is a mobile galactic prison with three sectors of the abyss, which provides different conditions for the detention of criminals. They talk about sector S, where particularly dangerous criminals are sitting, but all this is just a myth.

You either constantly fight for the right to be the first, or you are forced to accept what is happening around you. There’s no way out of here… Or?


Anna. Is the warden in the prison of the «Cross» sector C. By nature, it is a rather hot-tempered person, and also hates its human half. Gender — futanari. Age about 30 years. She got on the ship of her own accord when she needed money, likes to Express herself and belittle «dirty prisoners». However, when it comes to senior officers, it behaves completely differently.

 Entered the service about 3 years ago. The Rank Of Lieutenant. She is a warden, while ordinary guards in the prison have the ranks from Junior sergeants to warrant officers.

Neko(035-С). Age unknown, since visually they do not change from the age of 18 until death, and their life is only about 50 years.. One of the ordinary representatives of this species. Neko are creatures that are only female and can only give birth to their own kind, regardless of which race was mated. Moreover, a member that touches her lips will become her favorite, any of Them is ready to give their lives for their male, just to once again feel this taste and satisfy it.

 List of crimes:
1 She was caught with a criminal gang on the planet Geksar, stealing food from the market. The head of the gang was executed, the other members of the group were imprisoned for 3 to 5 years.

Redskin(047-С). Race Calgarian, Gender Futanari. By nature explosive and, as she says, if you were not born strong, you will have to be weak. The Calgarian race is used to taking advantage of the weaker ones, making slaves, and making friends only with those they consider their equals or stronger, since there is no need to waste time on scum.

  List of crimes:

Calgarians end up in jail sooner or later. This individual is quite young, but already in his years he managed to distinguish himself by publicly humiliating people.
2 Resisting arrest.
3 Rude remarks about the judge and members of the law.

Nalo(322-C). The Amfos race, aged about 27, can’t live without water, which makes it sluggish and passive. Gender-Female. Imprisoned in a separate cell in sector C, she is lonely and likes to socialize. Her race loves warmth, belongs to the serpentine because of what often hisses.

List of crimes:
1 Stealing fish from a canned food factory.
2 Attack on the research factory-a ship on the water, as part of a group of 10 people in order to sabotage.

Neko(B-007). Another representative of the cat race, which is the embodiment and opposite of everything you know about Neko. She doesn’t say her name and why she went to prison. Judging by her face, she often participated in battles and defended her honor, for which she was honored to become the head of this race, although she understands that Neko in fact has to obey everything to avoid becoming someone’s toy or thing.
1 Freed from slavery bought by the owners of Neko, moreover, against the will of the Neko themselves.
2 She led rallies where she said that Neko are free to choose and are no worse than others. When she realized that this did not have the proper consequences, she attacked the slavers ‘ market and killed everyone there with a crowd of other Neko. Then she was taken to prison. Later, she was wounded in the stomach with a sharpener.

Mother Russia. Caretaker of sector A and captain by rank. Gender — Futanari. Always checks the strength of newcomers and can make a portrait in a couple of minutes, although it looks like a mountain of muscles is incredibly smart and thoughtful. She created a gang of people close to her called Reds, who keep order in her sector. Despite her rudeness and temper, she treats her prisoners like children and gives them what they deserve. Her relationship with you depends on her position in prison as well as on her personal perception.

 Entered the service about 10 years ago. The Rank Of Captain.

Human(A-337). The human race in the world was considered insignificant after a certain moment. They were sure that the peak of evaluation, until the moment when they began to explore space, where they realized that not their mental development, not physical data do not reach even the simplest representatives of other planets. Because of what people began to be considered whores and slaves, because visually they were very good, and so warm. This representative survives as best she can, taking money for sexual services that she provides to other prisoners, although if she admits it, she likes it so much that she is ready to pay for it herself.

Sarah(B-666) Race unknown, gender female. It is very strange. No one questions her power, but nevertheless this person often hears voices, which is her main problem. She voluntarily got tattoos on her body and moreover, every day she gets worse and worse. Everyone thinks it’s crazy, but is it really?

Gorokna(A-228). The Orc race(Home planet is Kongor). Gender — futanari. One of the few prisoners who was allowed by the warden not to wear her number, because for her this kind of branding is worse than death. Gorakna is one of the Red gang that usually monitors the working sector. Strong and absolutely no respect for whores who go crazy from the smell of her sweat, but do not mind when it serves, when she asks for it. Respects strength and considers it the most important, but is able to assess the situation and knows who can lose against. Tightly communicates with the red-skinned prisoner, it is not clear from whom they went such a close friendship…  Her body emits a strong smell, and to withstand it you need to have high endurance. She doesn’t pay attention to your position, but makes her own decisions.

Gasegirl(number unknown) — gender — female. Age unknown. A rare race made of porcelain, fragile and at the same time incredibly sharp. For a long time, she experienced persecution while in sector C, but once she broke down and after her fragile face was broken, she took a shard and stabbed her abusers. She was supposed to be executed, but mother Russia insisted that she Just be transferred to her sector. Now she lives in sector A and is forced to constantly wear a mask, unable to exist without it. I am grateful to Mother Russia for everything you have done for her.

Arachne(A-22) Race Of Arachnids. Gender — Futanari Is one of the last representatives of its kind, as it personally devoured them all, after their planet was full of food. It is truly huge, always hungry, but it knows things that happened long before people appeared. Is the third representative of the gang «Reds», namely punishes those who did not like The mother of Russia, most often these punishments are fatal…

Wolf Girl(B-010). The beastman race. Gender — futanari. A cruel and thoughtful predator. The head of the onlookers gang, she has eyes and ears everywhere, few people know, but she has a file on everyone. Does not like to be the center of attention, acts from the shadows. Is an alpha in every sense of the word. It is said that beastmen mark «their bitches» and thus turn them into mindless submissive slaves.

Lili(A-616). Gender — girl. She doesn’t talk about her background, which is not surprising. Labiloo race, it is not clear why it is so named, but it has one feature, namely their sweat has a sweet pleasant smell that is highly addictive. They have horns, but the creatures know how to hide them by simply cutting them down. They are sure that this way they look less threatening. It is easy to use its own characteristics, causing a slow habituation to «her smell», showing its true nature only when the victim can no longer live without her smell. Anyway, is that really her name?

She-robo-guardian — is an old model of space prison robots. As a result, they were replaced by people, because some prisoners specifically tried to get punishments from them, and some managed to reprogram them and make them their own. 


You Wake up in the medical Bay. After talking to Anna, you enter the main hall of sector C. You can see Redskins and Neko standing off to the side. If you try to eavesdrop on them, the redskin will call you to her and point you to your place. In this scene, you can stand up for the cat and pay two pills, getting 1 intelligence after talking with Neko, as well as improve relations with the Neko gang(Also in the future, she will not become a slave to the red skin and open other scenes). Or take the place of Neko, sacrificing his position and make a Blowjob for a red skin and improve oral skills, but losing the position. You will also increase your personal relationship with the redskin. If you leave neko, you will lose your reputation in their gang.

Talking to the bartender doesn’t mean much, in fact it’s just an introductory course for the player and a reason to learn more about the character.

If you approach the guard many times, then Anna will come, take the pill from you, and also humiliate you if you sucked a red-skinned replica. I should note that replicas often differ from your actions all the time. This way we can go further. Yes, you can even die on the first day if you helped neko and gave Anna the pill, but you can get more in the future from Nalo. We should not forget that the game has a lot of hidden characteristics that can change if you do something several times(in this particular case, it is rare), as well as actions at the beginning of the game can play a role on day 3 or 5. I try to make everything diverse and creative, so watch your actions and try to change something. In order to avoid spoilers, I will focus on this for now, but if it is interesting, then maybe in the future I will continue…


You won) This was the most frequently asked question, both among Patrons and ordinary players, so I leave it here to make it easier. It’s probably my own fault that I made it so difficult to reach this path. I even added hints on the site and during gameplay. Maybe I’ll simplify this task in the future, but for now, here’s how to do it:

Okay, here’s a step-by-step guide.

1 you take Neko’s place and suck it to the end.

2 You Alberese *Undress* in front of the guard

3 Pumping strength in the camera with Nalo

4Come to Nalo and first choose «No, I’ll never do it»

5Then we agree to do it for a pill and swing oral

6 After you can go to bed

7 When you meet your mother you should have 1 strength 3 oral -5 positions and 3 pills.

8 we Say You are huge, than we improve the relationship with her.

9 Go to the showers(there Is an option to get stamina and if you get a face from Mother.

10 We say Leve me alone, I just came to wash up!

11 Next, select Defy and take + 1 endurance

12 next we wash

13 and go to work in sector A, to the Orc. Because we sucked a red woman, she will get a dick and we will increase our endurance.

14 with mom we get close and smell her, with our skills we get success in blowjobs.

15 Now we have as many as 3 stamina and 4 oral.

16 we Go further along the corridor and when we reach the camera of the eye we say I don’t think so.

17 When the redskin comes, we say that we don’t want more, because of this, the relationship with the Orc does not suffer.

18 Next we push everyone on the dance floor

19 we Get under the table at the meeting and suck the wolf(Touch the penis and then nod)

20 SAVE SARAH! I don’t remember if it will affect us, but we will get respect from the Orc.

21 Choose * Keep silent*, since we have 3 pills and a small position to level the characteristics a little.

22Go to Gorakna. 


 Like this.