Two faceless adventures.



The main character, named Lola(You can change it as you wish) — the daughter of the leader of the village of Folkyork — Ragnar, who turns 18 in the story. Her mother died 3 years ago, after which her father completely collapsed. All that the mother left to Lola is an amulet, which she wears without taking off. A little spoiled girl who should soon become a leader will face many difficulties…
Race:  Human

Gender: Female

Personality: Arrogant and has an inflated sense of self-importance. At the same time, she is smart and easily adapts to circumstances. However, you can make anything you want out of her.

Sexual preferences: Depends of you

The girl that Adamina found in the forest at a young age and began to teach combat skills. However, she says that she does not remember about her past. Is she lying or not? Only she herself can know. She is quite obedient and modest, and treats her savior with extreme respect, calling her Mistress. She practically does not participate in the life of the village, almost always training on the second floor of the Adamina’s house
Race: She looks like human.  

Gender: Female
Personality: Little is known about it. Moreover, since she does not come from Folkyork, it is difficult to say where she came from in this forest at all. But it is impossible to deny that Adamina became a new mother for her and brought her up.

Sexual preferences: Sub(Verbal humiliation, dishonor, torture, slapping, spitting) Dom(Facesitting, Ass worship, Cunnilingus, Farting)

Adamina is one of the strongest warriors of the village of Folkyork, perhaps she is even the out-of-voice leader of the army. For many years she fought against the beastmen under the banner of Chief Ragnarr, until he grew old. Being a 2-meter powerful and intelligent woman, she cannot accept that the daughter of Ragnar — Lola should take the place of the new leader. However, she can’t say it to her face. In any case, while Ragnarr remains at his post. Adamina leads a fairly active life in the village. Many people admire the fact that Adamina picked up an orphan girl Viveka from the forest and brought her up. But no one knows that she literally created such a living weapon for herself.

Race:  Human

Gender: Female
Personality: Really strong and big. The mere mention of it causes fear among the beastmen, and when they see it, they start running away. It constantly maintains its shape and, oddly enough, depends on someone else’s opinion and requires respect for herself.

Sexual preferences: Not availible

The daughter of a family of horse breeders, owners of a stable. Since this is the only family that does this in Folkyork, it is one of the richest. For this reason, Lola played with Scylla until a certain age, but after the tragedy of the first, they stopped spending time together.

The girl spends most of her time in her room, playing with dolls and dreaming of new friends. There are rumors in the village that she is not the only child in the family, but there is a lot of talk in Folkyork and it does not mean that all this is true.

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Personality: The girl is very offended with Lola, for leaving her alone at a time when it was as difficult as possible for her. Although he still considers her a good friend.

The head of one of the most important families from Folkyork, engaged in breeding horses and recently also a garden. However, recently things have not been going for the better for the Dahlberg family. There are rumors in the village that his wife Katarina is constantly cheating on him, but these are just rumors, aren’t they?

By itself, Yorun is quite a hidden person and does not like to communicate much.

For a long time, Katarina was an ordinary peasant, but Yorun, from a rich family, began to take care of her, which was quite strange for others. So it was only a matter of time before she became one of the members of a high-ranking family.

By nature, she still remains quite hot-tempered and straightforward, and she hates being reminded of her peasant origin. Katarina gave birth to Yorun a beautiful girl Scylla.

The owner of the tavern of the same name, which, unlike the fishing house, pays a taxes and, despite its size, is considered a much more prestigious place. A good-natured woman who knows the value of money. She cooks well, but mostly makes only snacks for the legendary strong honey, which is very much to the liking of the chief of Folkyork.

A truly beautiful girl, whom all the villagers look at, and the wives turn away the faces of their husbands. The straightforward, sometimes even tactless girl Idannr usually stands in a fishing house where she rents a room. In it, she lives and provides sexual services for money, somewhat unashamed of her «Profession».

Race:  Human

Gender: Female

Personality:  She considers clients who turn to her with requests to «play the role of mistress», or who are obsessed with something else, pathetic and insignificant, so she openly laughs at them and mocks them. At the same time, she loves to be taken hard by the hair and fucked by a big dick.

Sexual preferences: Sub(DDLG, Big dicks, glory hole, spanking, Bullies,  being a bitch for sex, bukkake, bdsm)

Dom(Cunnilingus, submission, personal live slave, human garbage, ballbusting, anilingus, cleaning holes from sperm, feeding sperm from holes, coercion

An old warrior who has been in dozens of combat sorties on the camps of beastmen in the past. However, when his fighting days had sunk into oblivion, he began to drink. A lot and a lot. Everyone in the village now sees him simply as a drunkard, fat and lazy. However, Horb has not forgotten those very days and often remembers them himself, friends who died in battle, old scars that cover his entire body. He speaks warmly only about the Leader Ragnar, who went through so many battles with him, and perceives the new leader of the army Adamina as a joke, but is afraid to tell her about it openly.

Race:  Human

Gender: Male

Personality: He often looks at young girls in the village and thinks about getting them drunk and fucking them. He prefers to get drunk in Luna’s tavern, and then wander around the village until he falls asleep somewhere in the doorway.

Sexual preferences:Dom(Pregnancy, young girls, skinny, turning into a whore, alcohol/drugs, coercion


The girl who grew up in a blacksmith’s family was always persecuted. Her mother died during childbirth, and she herself was born with a large birthmark on her entire face, which looked more like a burn. Her father Lucas, instead of drowning his grief about the loss of his wife in honey, preferred to become a wonderful father who would surround his daughter with love and care. Thus, he raised her and worked, managing to do everything and from a certain age practically fenced her off from the outside world.
Race:  Human

Gender: Female

Personality: She grew up very kind and good, but when she grew up, she began to notice the sidelong glances of other people who looked at her from high… Like some kind of freak or outcast. She even tried to pass away, but after an unsuccessful attempt, she decided to change her attitude to herself, to prove to herself and others that she was above all this carrion at any cost…  

Sexual preferences:
Is she?)
Dom(Brat princess, foot fetish, verbal domination, worshipping her body, praising her body, servants, buling, humiliation of the rich.

A secretive girl who lives in the center of Lazarus Square does not communicate with many people. It can sometimes be seen in the fisherman’s house and the building next to it. Some say that she is antisocial, others — that she is absolutely obsessed with some of her ideas. Everyone is right in their own way, but her idea of finding a certain Fu-potion is known to some people in the village. Try to talk to Brooke after, at some point he can give you more information.

Race:  Human

Gender: Female(For now?)

Personality: Obsessed with getting Fu-potion. The idea took hold of her, after some tragic events, which the girl prefers not to voice, as well as her name.

Sexual preferences:Dom(Blowjob, deep throat, cheating, NTR, domination over the weak.

Sub(Dom Futa)

A good-natured villager, usually in a good mood, good-natured generous and cheerful.

A girl working at Luna’s tavern. In general, a good girl, however, sometimes disappears from her job, than substitutes the owner. I wonder where she goes all the time?

Agat is the alchemist of Folkyork village and also a good friend of Lola’s father. Being an aged woman and a recluse, she still often participates in the life of the village, helping those who need it, but the desperate still sometimes visit the witch from the hill.


A typical representative of the Furry race, or as they are called humans Beastmen. A female who is ready to continue the race and dreams of giving birth to strong offspring from a strong male. To make her pack proud of her and her offspring. A reference female who knows her worth. Since she is from the feline family, she is quite wayward and likes to tease her partner with her behavior.

Race:  Furry(Kitty)

Gender: Female

Personality: The current partner for mating suits her quite well, but rather because they have been together for a long time and she does not want to upset him. 

Sexual preferences:Dom(NTR, trampling, body licking, teasing, ruined orgasm

Sub(Alpha, Smell, Strenght)

Race:  Beastman(Centaur)

Gender: Female

Personality: ???

Sexual preferences:

Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful creatures among the beastmen, who knows her worth and expresses her attitude to others with all her might. She is strong, but in addition to strength, she has powerful pheromones that make females and weak Beta bitches go crazy, so few people dare to challenge her at all. There are only a few creatures for whom she has some respect expressed in rivalry, namely Adamina, Lena and NightMare.

Race:  Furry(Mostly Tiger)

Gender: Futanari

Personality: She often disobeys orders, which is why she often quarrels with the tribe, although few can say something to her face. Believes that if not for the features of NightMare, then she should have been the leader of the pack. Likes to keep others at bay.

Sexual preferences:Dom(Smell Adict, Humiliating, Trampling, Begging to fuck and worship, total control

A pure fighter, just a glance at which terrifies. She takes what she wants, because she perfectly understands the state of things in the world, and she earned her place literally with blood and sweat, continuing to regularly strengthen her body with workouts. At the same time, she deeply respects the principles of the pack, unlike the Tigress, which is why she deeply hates her. Being literally a direct rival, her canine instincts constantly want to tear this overgrown cat apart for her impudence.

Race:  Beastman(Hyena and Jackal)

Gender: Futanari

Personality: She is laconic, her body speaks for her emotions and muscles, as if forged from steel. She dreams of assembling her own harem of Beta males.

Sexual preferences:
Dom(BDSM, Teasing, Futa on Male

Gretta is domineering and strong. Harpies were created differently, according to legends, they are all woven by one of the highest gods — Bafos. But it turned out that he and her sister Olga settled in the same tribe with the beastmen. During the day she keeps order in the neighborhood, and in the evenings she opens her shop, in which she sells various things for… Teeth. Until now, she has not said why she needs them.

Race: Harpy

Gender: Futanari

Personality: …

Sexual preferences: Dom (Material attachment, obligations, Blow Job, Alpha worshipers)

Race:  Harpy



Sexual preferences: